What is dungeon town?

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Dungeon Town is a mix between the dungeon crawling and city-building game genres, and what makes our game different from others of the same genre is that we have gamified the skill tree and made it into a rewarding experience.

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Game flow

A screenshot of the town

Starting out, you will find yourself with your blank town with a minimal amount of resources and before you're able to enter the dungeon, you're instructed how to build in your town. In the town, the different buildings give you different abilities, and the two-dimensional grid of the town is the only limitation on how far you can take your character.

Before proceeding into the dungeon, you're going to have to gear up, and depending on what buildings you constructed you'll have an array of different abilities and gear pieces to equip and use. You can have up to 4 abilities and one out of three movement abilities at one given time.


The dungeon itself is a dangerous place, you will encounter large groups of enemies and some which you will have to employ different strategies and abilities to defeat. Whilst exploring the dungeon you will find resources such as gold, wood, and stone, all used to advance your town further. However, rarer resources require you to progress further down into the dungeon to collect.

The end bosses of each level guard the stairwell, and you will have to defeat them before you can travel further down into the dungeon. Killing them rewards you with gems, that allow you to build extensions in your town to empower your character even further!